Test Shoot 8/26/2017: Behind the Scenes

I haven't done a test shoot in so long and I was happy to have the opportunity to work with a great team of creatives that I have not yet worked with before. We did three different looks: clean beauty, glossy lids, and coppery eyes and a mauve lip color.

I contacted Timothy on IG after a fellow colleague posted that he was looking for a makeup artist for the test shoot. I’m glad I got a chance to work with him before he heads out to LA for a year. If he ever decides to come back, maybe we can work together again. If you’re in LA, feel free to hit him up to work together.

Frances, a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist,  worked on Mary’s hair. We met in Portland last year while taking an amazing workshop called CLASS by Erica Carr.

Mary of  Factor Chosen agency was great to work with and so down to earth. Very beautiful.

Myranda of Factor Chosen as well brought lots of clothes and accessories to play with. She was a pleasure to work with.


Mary getting her hair lightly curled by Frances. 

model hair curled

This is the first makeup look I did on Mary, clean no makeup look. Look at those brows!!! :)

model clean beauty makeup

This is the first outfit chosen for Mary to wear. Frances is just touching up her hair and making her look good. 

model outfit photoshoot hair

For the second look, Mary got to play with a fun plaid outfit. I loved the Adidas gym shoes worn in this look. I may have to see if they have them in all black. I added some gloss to her eyes and highlight. 

model fashion plaid

For our third and last look, Myranda had her wear a bright yellow cropped jumpsuit with a black leather jacket. Frances gave her a wet hair look. I added some brown copper eyeshadow to her lids and a mauve lip color. 

model yellow jumpsuit

I had a great time with this amazing group. They were kind, funny, and easy going. We knocked out these looks really quick. I can't wait to show you the final pictures. Stay tuned. :)